Edging is the art of masturbating your cock to the edge of cumming, but not letting it spill over the brink.  You keep the sensations going and building over time, prolonging the pleasure.

Observers of my web cam sometimes ask how this is possible.  They say they simply can't last like that.  Learning to edge your cock begins with a basic reversal of mindset.  Most men accept the assumption that the goal of stroking is to cum.  The goal of edging is NOT to cum.

Your cock will tell you otherwise, and this is where most men fail.  A cock wants to cum and an edger refuses the demand.  You're gonna cum sooner or later, so it might as well be later so you can enjoy longer the work your cock was born to do.  After a few minutes, the immediate urge to cum will subside and you level out into something really pleasant.

Most edgers I have spoken to use a rise and fall technique.  They stroke and let the feeling build till they are almost ready to cum, then they back off and let things die down.  Once the urge to cum is under control, they begin the process again, repeatedly stopping or backing off to postpone cumming.  Again, the goal must be not to cum, or you'll get carried away.

Personally, I no longer use this rise and fall technique.  With practice two things develop over time:  you learn exactly how your cock reacts and you learn that the urge to cum can be ignored.  I prefer to build my cock to the edge of cumming and keep it there, instead of repeatedly backing down.

I suppose what I do could be considered a series of mini rise and fall cycles.  I build the feelings close to the edge, but instead of stopping and letting the pleasure die off, I just pause for a few seconds and stroke again.  Stroke, pause, stroke, pause, constantly pushing my cock into The Zone.

In addition to mental control, with practice you develop muscle control as well.  If you were pissing and wanted to cut off the flow before you were finished, you'd know what muscles to tighten.  The same muscle tightening will hold back your cum.  I read somewhere that you can exercise these muscles throughout the day, squeezing like you are cutting off a piss while driving or at work, but I seldom remember to do it.

I edge my cock for hours and the sensations build in layers, level upon level until I am literally moaning outloud.  Your cock will leak precum.  Several levels up the spiral your muscles will be fighting, your hand urging your cock forward while the muscles fight to hold back.  It will drive you wild and you'll wonder how you ever settled for a quickie in the past.

I regularly masturbate on web cam, and the practice was instrumental in initially learning to edge.  I found I could edge much longer when on cam, because there are distractions and interruptions that lend themselves to the stroke-pause cycle I use.  I type to buddies and observers (you become proficient at one-handed typing), I click on cams and messages, the busy work helped.

I cam on Yahoo Messenger under the screen name show_joe_00.

I encourage any man to learn how to edge his cock.  A non-edger never experiences his cock's potential.


  1. How could I edge my boyfriend?

    1. Get him to tell you to stop when he feels like he's going to cum, obviously. Me and my gf do this often and it's rediculously good...

  2. Cool article! I will definitely try this technique, while building on my own exhibitionistic blog that I recently started. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. A very interesting article! Thanks for the inspiration, I will definitely use the edging techniques while developing my own exhibitionist blog that I recently started. All the best!

  4. IN MY OPINION, jerking off to the edge is way better than sex. Now I'm a cum denialer (I'm from Brazil. Is there that word ?).
    My edging sessions are 6,7,8 hours long. I feel like a more powerful man I've never felt before.

  5. I use the stroke, pause technique, mini rise and fall, i.e., I get to the edge a STAY there.
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  6. The beautiful thing about Edging is that it also helps to build the Mind as far as control is concerned. Thanks for the info tho' really helpful.

  7. I am a lifelong masturbator and enjoy the various techniques of edging. I get to the point of cumming and by relaxing I can hold my edging for at least 10 seconds than stroke - hold again to the point of ejaculating. Fortunately for me if I ejaculate,within 5 minutes, I am again sexually aroused and restart my masturbation. My days are spent masturbating or thinking of masturbating 24/7. Its a great life!!